StarMade v0.199.654 - Exploit Fixes

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    • StarMade v0.199.654 - Exploit Fixes

      StarMade wrote:

      Greetings citizens,

      Last week, we learned of several exploits and how to reproduce them. To prevent further harm to servers, we've made a hotfix to address them. As a general security measure, we are also not going to list them here.


      If you have any more information about other exploits, or that were only partially addressed, please report it here. Note that reported bugs are always private from the start and only a few Schine members are able to see them.


      As mentioned in the last dev post, the power update is coming along swiftly, and will result in a dev build in about 2-3 weeks.


      Thanks for playing StarMade,

      ~ the Schine Team